Beaux Mondes boys live right off the patio so they are always close. 
Each has an Igloo with a pet safe warming pad and warming bowls
when needed.  Fans and misters for the warm weather. 
During very serious inclement weather we have temporary
accommodations for them in the garage which is easily cleaned.

The garage serves a multitude of purposes (except for my car). 
Three large pens with shower curtains hung for privacy can double
as "time out" pens when queens don't like the way the other looked
at them that day or birthing pens or if my queen feels more
comfortable having her stud brought indoors for breeding. 
The queens between litters or young adults who have run of the
house always seem to gravitate to the garage.  There are beds on
top of every shelf and pens are left open when not occupied. 
It's their own little haven.  The door from the kitchen to the garage
is always open since I provide heat and air to the garage. 

Kitten Room One has all the necessary "kitten stuff" but of course
they tend to love that little piece of paper they found under the
chair best.  Equipped with feather toys and TV, it is a comfortable
room for visitors and myself!

Kitten Room Two, much the same, very comfortable room for
mom and kits.  They do seem to love to watch TV.  I have a
feeling if I had a computer in their room, I would walk in and
catch them playing video games too!

Usually, and I wouldn't have it any other way, there seems to be a
mom with a kitten or two who manages to find her way to "my room"
when there is a full house.  There's just nothing like it! 
We're always looking for ways to improve Beaux Mondes and there
are always things on my "wish list", but we're having a great time! 
Thanks for taking the time to share our happiness. 

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