queens Liza pedigree

Beaux Mondes Eysium Fields F2

Aww, I love this girl. We call her Liza. She is everything you hope for in a foundation Bengal, and I can't say enough about her endearing disposition. So along with her good looks and structure, she has a wonderful personality. I have always had a very special relationship with all my F2 girls. There is nothing like it and they delight me every day with their interacation and unbelievably strong connection to me.

Liza has certainly kept up the positive legacy of foundation Bengals. She sleeps with me, sits in my lap at my desk constantly and follows me around like a puppy. I can only direct you to her photos to allow you to witness up close and personal what what she will bring to the Bengal breed.

I must thank Julie Calderon of Callista Bengals for allowing me to have the pleasure of growing up with Callista Eden and experiencing the excellence of ALC Elias. I would also like to thank Norine Gordon of Indian Creek Bengals for the assets that Coup d'etat has contributed to this beautiful girl.

Liza has produced two kittens to date for Beaux Mondes program. We are hoping for many more.  


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