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Stonehenge Roccalou Beaux Mondes F4

Introducing Stonehenge Roccalou!  I was so pleasantly surprised by this girl since I am not that knowledgeable about charcoal Bengals.  She is so beautiful and has been such a delightful experience for us here at Beaux Mondes. 

Rocco is the daughter of Stonehenge Stepping Stone who really wowed everyone at On Safari as a kitten and continues to be so very impressive.  Rocco's dam Awagati Lou Lou has produced many lovely offspring.  Check out the amazing head and profile of this young girl.  Her completely horizontal pattern with coveted wild spotted pattern, is one of my personal favorites.  Love the terrific contrast of black and white on her pretty face and that tail!  I could go on forever about Rocco's disposition.  She and Bliss would prove to be a good contest as to who can purr the loudest.  Rocco loves to be loved, and we're certainly not holding back.  She's a true treasure.  Thanks to Sydney, once again, for another well adjusted, gorgeous, loving kitten.  We look forward to Rocco's kittens.

Helmi Flick Cat Photography


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