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Beaux Mondes Kaleb Glow

We call this beauty Zsa Zsa.  She's covered in rosetted paw print markings which fortunately were handed down to the girls in her first litter.

One of Zsa Zsa's most striking features is her gorgeous green eyes.  She has a very elegant wild pelt that is silky soft and creases like velvet when she moves, a very prominent thick tail and lots of adorable little spots on her legs.

Zsa Zsa chirps and chatters like some Bengal cats do.  It's so cute to hear her chattering away around the house.  She loves playing fetch.  Yes, fetch!  If you throw one of her play mice or sparkly fish, she'll run after it with gusto and pad right back to you and drop it in your hand.  She's a beautiful girl that we're lucky to have with us and she's a good mama who dotes on her babies.

Zsa Zsa with her first litter.

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